Welcome to the One Question Podcast Series

O’BRIEN Governance Design has launched a One Question Podcast to support corporate governance processes in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

In this trailer, Will Francis talks to Trish O’Brien about what to expect from the series.

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Transcript of One Question Podcast – Trailer:

Will Francis (00:01):

Hello. I’m Will, and I’m here to tell you about a new podcast series from O’BRIEN/ Governance Design, the One Question Podcast, in which we’ll bring some clarity to the topic of corporate governance in the public and not for profit sectors. We’ll cover the rules, practices and processes used to direct and manage organisations. Here’s the expert, Trish O’Brien on what you can expect from the podcast. Hi, Trish. How you doing?

Trish O’Brien (00:24):

Hi Will, I’m good thanks. How are you?

Will (00:26):

I’m great thanks. So Trish, tell me what one of your, One Question Guides is, and why they’re useful?

Trish (00:32):

A One Question Guide is our attempt to break down corporate governance concepts as clearly as possible.

Will (00:39):

And who are they for?

Trish (00:40):

Primarily secretaries to boards. They’re usually corporate managers, corporate directors, big responsibilities for supporting their boards. So primarily them. Secondary audiences: chairs of boards, members of boards looking to build up their expertise in corporate governance.

Will (00:57):

That’s great. What are they going to learn through these podcasts?

Trish (01:00):

So we’re going to take a series of topics. For the public sector we’re particularly interested in the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies. That’s really the key document that public sector bodies have to comply with. We’re going to look at a number of areas within that and break them down. And then for the charity sector, we’ll be doing the same thing with the Charities Governance Code.

Will (01:17):

I know nothing about this area. What am I doing here?

Trish (01:20):

Well, I think it’s great that you don’t know anything. And your main job here is to tell me if I am being clear in what I’m saying and to ask me some hard questions.

Will (01:29):

Fantastic. Well, see you on our first podcast then. What will you be explaining to me in that first episode?

Trish (01:35):

External board evaluation, Will. Our one question is: As secretary to a public sector board, how can I prepare myself and my board for an external evaluation under the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies? So basically, public bodies in Ireland have to comply with the Code of Practice and as part of that, they need to get someone external to evaluate their board. There isn’t a lot available to explain how that process works, but we’ve conducted external evaluations and we thought we would dedicate our first podcast to that topic.

Will (02:10):

That’s great. Looking forward to it.

Trish (02:12):

That’s great, Will. Thank you very much. Talk to you then.

Will (02:15):

Stay subscribed to this feed, to hear new episodes in which I ask, and Trish answers, one question about corporate governance. We’ll shed light on, and bring clarity to, one of the most complex areas within organisations. You can find out more and access resources, templates, and the One Question Guides at obriengd.ie. Thanks for listening.