Who have we worked with

  • The Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) engaged O’BRIEN / Governance Design to carry out an external evaluation of its Board, in line with the requirements of the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies (2016).  The company took a comprehensive, detailed, and consultative approach to the task.  The result was a valuable report, that will contribute to the ongoing effectiveness of the Board’s corporate governance practices.

    Charities Regulatory AuthorityPatrick Hopkins, Chairperson
  • O’BRIEN / Governance Design was engaged by the Department of Education and Skills to undertake an evaluation on its behalf.  The company developed a comprehensive research plan and illustrated strong analytical skills in responding to the research questions.   The result was a high-quality and well-written report that fully met our requirements.

    Department of Education and SkillsAlan O'Callaghan, International Section
  • O’BRIEN / Governance Design supported NALA in the development of its Strategic Plan 2020-2022. We subsequently worked together on the establishment of a more cohesive planning and reporting system and on improvements to our performance management and development process. Trish and Claire are methodical and inclusive, which builds trust and leads to robust outcomes. Their in-depth understanding of the not-for-profit and public sector worlds is invaluable.

    National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA)Dr Inez Bailey, Former CEO
  • The Dental Council engaged O’BRIEN / Governance Design to assist it in assessing the impact of the revised ‘Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies’ on its functions.  They are an easy firm to work with and they were very knowledgeable on both the code and the environment public sector organisations work in.  I would highly recommend them.

    Dental CouncilDavid O’Flynn, Registrar
  • Trish O’Brien has facilitated a number of consultative sessions with our staff at NCAD.  She has very effective communication skills that enable her to listen, ask pertinent follow-up questions, and analyse developing ideas.  In addition, she is able to provide concrete outcomes through documented synthesis reports.

    National College of Art and Design (NCAD)Professor Sarah Glennie, Director
  • Trish and her colleagues at O’BRIEN / Governance Design have worked closely with Léargas on a number of significant projects. On each project, Trish and her colleagues have brought clarity and insight to the work, clearly founded in a comprehensive understanding of the governance needs of public organisations in Ireland. They have also delivered their high-quality reports and other outputs on time.

    LéargasJim Mullin, Former Executive Director
  • Leitrim Development Company engaged O’BRIEN / Governance Design to contribute to its ongoing implementation and communication of the Charities Governance Code.  Our engagement with the company was very positive and productive.  It led to exploratory discussion on the Code amongst Board members and consensus on our next series of priorities. Very professional and competent presenters.

    Leitrim Development CompanyDamian Brennan, Chairperson
  • Trish has supported the Education and Training Board (ETB) sector in developing and strengthening its strategic FET QA governance approaches and structures.  Through the provision of consultancy and expert advice, the development of reference material, and the delivery of workshops for senior colleagues and staff, her contribution has been enormously beneficial in strengthening approaches to and models for QA Governance in the ETBs.

    Education and Training Boards IrelandMarie Gould, Former Programme Manager
  • As part of our Meridian programme at Common Purpose, we give participants from the public, private and not-for-profit communities an opportunity to form peer learning groups to discuss significant professional issues.  Trish acted as group facilitator for three years. Her ability to quickly comprehend different and complex working environments, coupled with her easy nature with the participants, led to consistently positive participant feedback.

    Common PurposeKristina Moody, Programme Director