Our Approach

We work with organisations to design and implement governance systems and structures that are proportionate, strategic and valuable.

Why Effective Governance?

Effective governance leads to improved decision-making that helps organisations to achieve their aims.

What is Governance?

Governance refers to accountability, decision-making processes, and the exercise of authority.  O’BRIEN / Governance Design works to support organisations in the following ways:

  • We help you to find practical solutions to today’s corporate governance challenges
  • We work collaboratively with you to develop and enhance decision-making structures and performance
  • We conduct evaluations to improve policy effectiveness

The services we provide are detailed below.

Why do you need Effective Governance?

Effective governance contributes to the implementation of strategy, brings efficiencies, encourages respectful debate, integrates functions, and aligns aims with resources. We work with organisations to make sure that their governance design is capable of achieving these benefits and of positively contributing to their operations.