Risk Management

Risk is uncertainty that can lead to positive or negative outcomes. Identifying and controlling risk has become increasingly important for the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. For risk to be managed properly, it needs to become part of the decision-making process for the organisation and clearly linked to strategy and planning.


We assist in the establishment of risk management processes, this includes:

  • Exploring understandings of risk with the Board and the executive
  • Identifying risks that matter to the organisation
  • Considering how risk can contribute to decision-making
  • Documenting risk management processes

We undertake risk perception gap analyses:
Risk management may be well embedded in the organisation, but there may be inconsistencies in understandings of risk between the Board and management.  We analyse Board and management views on risk to identify how closely they are aligned and to address any gaps arising.

We review the effectiveness of risk management processes:
We look at whether risk is connected to the organisation’s objectives and has become part of decision-making.



We provide workshops to support the development of risk management processes:
Characteristics of effective risk management (half-day workshop).




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