Process Auditing

Process auditing is becoming an important part of the governance of processes; particularly when they result in the granting of awards or finance.  Process auditing involves an independent review of the documentation supporting the process.   It can also include, observation of meetings that make decisions on the granting of awards or finance, to confirm that they have been run in line with the agreed process.



We independently review the documentation supporting a process that leads to the granting of awards or finance:
We review this documentation to ensure that it is clear, consistent and reflective of good governance.  We provide advice on improvements.

We independently observe meetings that make decisions on the granting of awards or finance:
This helps to ensure that the process is conducted fairly and equitably.



We provide workshops to support the development of processes that lead to the granting of awards or finance:
Factors to consider when documenting and administering a competitive process (half-day workshop).




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