Risk Management: our next One Question Guide tells you what you need to know

The next One Question Guide we’re producing is on the management of risk.

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Trish O'Brien
26th March 2019

Committees in search of a Board: factors that are influencing the disconnect

In a whole range of corporate governance contexts, Boards create committees to assist them in carrying out their duties.

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Sarah King
27th February 2019

Building better Boards: how to improve Board performance through self- evaluation

The importance of Boards periodically reviewing their performance is now well-established in governance practice.

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Claire Byrne
31st January 2019

One Question Guides are useful and practical corporate governance guides

Here at O’BRIEN / Governance Design we’ve entered into a new venture with the launch of our online One Question Guides.

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Trish O'Brien
24th January 2019